Who I really am

Martin Ryng

Marcin Ryng was born in 1984 in Ząbkowice Śląskie. He is one of those harmed as a result of the teratogenic effects of a drug, named Contergan. Marcin Ryng has no arms and legs, and therefore, relies on others for help. The mother, while pregnant with Marcin, was prescribed the drug – Contergan, despite the fact that the drug had long been withdrawn from the German market. Polish doctors, lacking knowledge of the German language, recommended the use of this drug to his mother in order to alleviate symptoms of hepatic colic. In 2003, Martin passed his matriculation examination and began his studies at the University of Zielona Góra in the field of Sociology. He studied there for two semesters. Given the lack of prospects in Poland, Marcin had always dreamt of studying in Germany. In 2004, he moved to Bielefeld, where he took part in a language course at the BIBIS Institute until 2005. In September 2005, he began his studies at the Technical University in Bielefeld. Marcin’s adventure with art began during his studies at the Politechnic. At that time, he created works based on digital techniques, 3D visualization, and under the guidance of his teachers, he also produced artistic creations on other materials. In the years 2005-2009, he focused on deepening his skills in drawing, and consequently the first exhibition was organized, presenting his works. Marcin painted biblical motifs, landscapes, and magical worlds, reflecting his hidden fantasies, fears and longings. His works were exhibited in such cities as, Warstein, Soest, Padeborn, and Bielefeld. He also took part in various competitions. An impressive portion of his works from recent years are found in private collections in Germany, USA and Australia. To date, he has created more than 750 paintings and three short films.